Heart to Heart with the Hansons

Heart to Heart with the Hansons is a bi-weekly radio program hosted by Leif and Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson designed to address the adversity that people face in today’s marriages and relationships.

New shows will be aired live weekly beginning May 18th at 7 pm (AZ time zone) Sunday’s Playbacks are available immediately after broadcast.

Leif and Kristen believe that by going out into the community and having heart to heart conversations with couples that have faced challenging situations and overcame them, gives hope to others. They are also looking for those who have separated or divorced with the same stories.

Show Agenda:

Each show will have a different guest with a different topic.

Leif and Kristen begin the show by talking about the subject and giving the back ground information, any statistics, they share their personal stories, and they give coaching steps to assist with the issue that is being discussed.

If they have a guest, they will be introduced.

There will be the opportunity for listener to call in and participate and share their stories and/or learn how to make changes within themselves.

When you call in to ask questions you may have the opportunity to receive a mini coaching session. Also, for anyone who does take the time to call in we do mention your name and business on the radio. It’s a free-advertising bit just for being a part of our show!

If you are interested in being a guest on our show please fill out the application on the website at We contact you as soon as possible!


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