About Leif and Kristen

Leif and Kristen work in relationship recovery because they both have been through a divorce and have had disappointing relationships. Through the divorce process they both realized that in some instances it is better to repair the marriage than it is to get a divorce. While not all couples may agree, and there are circumstances where both parties are not interested in fixing the relationship. They are very passionate about their cause and their message is to buck up, dig down and get dirty!  Working on your relationship is hard, and it can be painful, yet it can be very rewarding! If you think it will be easier to just pack up and leave and start fresh elsewhere, you’re mistaken! The divorce rates go up every time you get married and the children suffer with each separation.

Relationship Coaching is more than just working with couples, it is also about working with individuals and all the areas of life in which they have relationships. Friendships, career, parenting, family, and marriage are common areas in which we interact with others. By learning how to heal ourselves and learning positive relationship skills empowers us to make better choices in a partner and not bring the damage of the past forward with us. This is why so many relationships fail; we go from partner to partner never addressing our core issues. If you are having problems in every relationship you are in, it’s a good time to look at the person in the center!

Leif and Kristen have battled their own demons. Through personal experience and their education at the South West Institute of Healing Arts they are specifically trained to help others make wonderful changes in their relationship skills. By being personal witness to the devastating effects of alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, infidelity, illness and more they have a unique perspective of your personal dilemma.  Whether you’re single and looking to start dating again or have been married for 20 years, it is never too late for relationship coaching.


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