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31 Dec

Happy_New_Year_ClockA New Year, a New Me, a New Beginning. That is how I am starting 2014 off. I am already declaring it the Best Year Ever and I am seeing the world with new eyes. I am not bringing with me my jaded thoughts of the past, I am not bringing regret, I am not bringing old hurts and past pain. I am bringing forward a brand new individual forward fully equipped to make a profound difference in at least 1 persons life. 1 person. If it happens with more that will be awesome but if I can effect 1 positively it will all be worth it.

2013 was s very painful year, as it was for many of my friends and family, and it has taught me many lessons I had not learned in my 46 years. With 47 looming in the not-so-distant future it is my hope that I don’t have any more big lessons to learn in life any time soon. My big lesson for 2013 was ‘’Get Over It”. While going through my hypnotherapy studies we had many classes that dealt with how information that is stored in our subconscious mind can actually become our reality. That’s the short version. Our subconscious is like a giant tank, it holds every single thought of every single thing that ever was or ever will be. In there are all the things we have ever heard or thought about ourselves, even as far back as our past lives.

Can you imagine? We wonder why people have so many issues in this world; we have a huge well of unproductive thought hanging around in our mind. That is the premise we operate from, that is the view we exist from. Everything from what our parents said to us, to Tommy on the play ground making fun of us, the mean girls in high school, and even in our relationships as adults we store this information like a giant file cabinet. We periodically go through that file cabinet pulling out those files as we see necessary. What if, we pretend we didn’t hear any of those things? What if, we wipe the slate clean and begin this year as someone who has never experienced a broken heart, a hurtful comment, or a racist remark ? Imagine what your life would be like at this age and not having any of the past baggage strapped to you? Here is my Top 10 List for New Beginnings!

Top 10 List for 2014!

Lesson 1. Release your parents from what they ‘did’ to you as a child. They were operating from the point of doing the very best they had with the information they had at the time. Remember, they had parents as well, and they are the result of their parenting. They didn’t know that what they were doing, in most cases, was harmful because it had been done to them. Want to really blow your mind? We choose our parents…..Oh yeah.

Lesson 2. How old are you right now? You are still blaming (fill in the blank) for your lack of success for 40 plus years?? Really?!?!

Lesson 3. Stop telling your Story. The Story is the story you keep telling everyone you meet. Are you the kind of person who tells your whole life story in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone? Stop it. It doesn’t do you any good, in fact it deters people from you. Telling that same story over and over again only further cements it in your subconscious allowing it to become more real every time you tell it.

Lesson 4. Release your negative thoughts! Ouch. That one was personal, I can take a pain and turn it into stage 4 cancer in a matter of minutes. Be careful what you say and think because your words have power.

lesson 5. Don’t tell people how they should live their life. Unless you are God you have no idea where a person has been or what they have been through. They will answer to their Higher Power in the end, as will you. It is best to be concerned with yourself becoming the best person you can be instead of telling someone else how to.

Lesson 6. Forgive. Release all of the people who have hurt you and then forgive yourself. Hanging on to grudges, anger, and resentment only hurts you. It really does, this was huge for me. I was overcome with anger…so much anger. Whewwww. I also learned that we don’t have to invite that person/people back into our lives either. We don’t have to be friends and it is ok to have healthy boundaries.

lesson 6. Search out a Spiritual Path if you Don’t Have One. Most of us were baptized into the religion of our families and many feel stuck there. We  go to church or temple week after week and get nothing from it. Begin the year quietly contemplating whether being spiritual or religious is important to you? There are 325 documented religions in the world and endless forms of spirituality, maybe finding something special you can relate to will help you in your life.

Lesson 7. Love Unconditionally. We can’t hold our new partners hostage for the crimes of past partners. Also, if you are in a situation where you have “forgiven’ your partner for something, make sure you have let it go and not be bringing it up. Look at your relationship with fresh eyes…Love them as if your heart has never been broken. Yes, you may risk being hurt again, but remember they are too…we aren’t the only ones who have been damaged….

Lesson 8. Let go of Prejudice. It does no good to hate someone for their color, ethnicity, sexual orientation,  religious beliefs, or any other reason they are different from us. It isn’t our business to point out what we think is wrong with someone. I’m sure we have our beliefs from our parents about a lot of things. Let it go…instead, choose compassion. Try looking at someone with love and listen to how your heart feels, people are suffering enough, be a point of light…be their comfort.

Lesson 9. Make a More or Less activity sheet. Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side write down all the things you want more of in your life. On the other side make a list of what you want less of. Pick your top 5 and make that your action list for the year!

Lesson 10. Get educated! Take a class, get a degree, and learn something new. Begin 2014 with a wide awake and curious soul!! When was the last time you were in a classroom? Make a resolution to yourself that this year…will be your year!! You will be amazed at how it will change you!!


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